Z-USBswitch Socket + Z-Cron Workstation

Z-USBswitch Socket + Z-Cron Workstation

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Z-USBswitch is a power outlet which can be which can be switched on and off via USB. You can use it together with Z-Cron to switch electrical devices on and off automatically.

This turns the computer into a control station for many other devices. Instead of a flashing an icon on the screen, a 200 watt signal lamp or a rotating police light can now be switched on. Instead of a beep with the sound card, a siren can be activated.

Our customers have successfully used this device for a range of purposes, including automatic shopping window illumination, burglar deterrance and many more.

Z-Cron is a task and backup scheduler which can be used to start regular backups and other programs on your computer. The program also contains a number of practical built-in commands which help to automate recurring tasks and enable automatic computer administration.

Z-Cron jobs can even be run when no user is currently logged in at the system. The program is also network-enabled and cannot only run jobs locally, but also on other computers in a local network. This makes Z-Cron a practical tool for managing multiple computers.

Thanks to its built-in multimedia capabilities, Z-Cron has another field of use in shopping window presentations (digital signage). Randomly played music can be used as a burglar deterrent. When used with our USB sockets, it can even switch electrical devices on and off.

License: Our software is licensed to the end customer. If you buy this software for someone else, please specify name, company name, zip code and city of the end customer during checkout.

Operating system: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Note If you want to use Z-Cron on a server, you need Z-Cron Server!

Note Shipping within EU only!


Equipment specifications:

  • Switches 230 V / 16 A electrical devices, 3,500 W max.

  • USB port with 2 m USB cable

  • Only for indoor use

  • Made in Germany

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